Thinking Space



60-minute documentary film

Format: HD

Aspect ratio: 16 x 9

Audio: Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1

Screening formats: DCP, QuickTime ProRes

Year of production: 2015

Country of production: UK



How do mathematicians think? This 60 minute documentary film features nine world-leading UK-based mathematicians offering insights into their mathematical thinking across a broad range of mathematical research fields.

Through explorations of their various thought processes, the film portrays mathematicians who are grappling with advanced mathematical ideas. We are presented with the concepts of imagination, intuition, and wonder, as well as rigorous mathematical deduction.

The film features Kevin Buzzard, Peter Donnelly, Tim Gowers, Martin Hairer, Roger Penrose, Caroline Series, Richard Thomas, Reidun Twarock and Karen Vogtmann.

The film was commissioned by The London Mathematical Society, as part of its 150th Anniversary Celebrations.



The Science Museum, London, UK. Premiere screening

56th Krakow Film Festival

Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival 2016

Jill Cragie Cinema, Plymouth