The Waves



Single screen video installation

4′ 13″




The film is a poetic exploration of a 24 hour cycle of tidal changes, lunar cycles, weather changes, differences in light at various times of the day and night. As these alterations play a major role in the environment, people inhabiting and visiting the area depend on these constant changes. People are naturally ‘controlled’ by nature. However, changes in the environment are also altered by the demands of people who visit and live in this landscape. The sea scattered with surfers appearing like unidentified beings, become collective ‘figures’ within a larger area. The miniscule and dramatic transformations within nature are focus in the moving image. Sometimes these changes have dramatic consequences for people, and the sound of lighthouses and helicopters are part of the audio landscape.

Filmed in North Devon, UK.


A film commission by Northern Devon Coast & Countryside Service in partnership with Stichting Zonnemaire Buitengewoon in The Netherlands.